The Charles A. Melton Arts and Education Center, formerly known as the West Chester Community Center, traces its history back to the early part of the 20th century.  In 1917, the West Chester Community Center was found with the mission of meeting the needs of citizens who were traditionally excluded from mainstream social events and organizations on the basis of their economic status, gender, and/or race.   

For a hundred years, the Melton Center has been a source of support and salvation for many individuals, including artists Horace Pippen and Selma Burke, and civil rights activist Bayard Rustin. Over a decade ago, the Melton Center widened its mission, “…to contribute to the quality of life for ALL people of the greater West Chester Community by continuing its long commitment of providing educational, recreational, cultural and civic services.”   

The Melton Center continues to provide a meeting place for such organizations as the NAACP, the Human Relations Council of Greater West Chester, several addiction groups, a Gospel Choir ensemble, a youth Basketball program (with staying in school as one of its principles), the Volleyball League of the West Chester Recreation Department, and a polling place for local residentsWe are proud to host a robust collection of programs to serve our community.



New Directions

The New Directions Program is an affordable academic skill-building and leadership development program for students in grades K-6. Students work with Academic Coaches to achieve academic growth, positive social-emotional development, and leadership skills.

Mentoring Our Black and Brown Youth

M.O.B.B.Y is a new program was focused on young black and brown male students. Bi-weekly meetings provide educational, recreational, cultural and civic experiences for these youth. Monthly trips are planned to: expose young men to the arts; introduce them to work experiences in fields such as the culinary arts, law, and engineering; introduce them to local law enforcement; establish financial literacy; visit local historically black colleges: meet with local lawmakers; and educate, discuss, and exchange ideas in public events.

Filet of Soul Culinary Institute (FOSCI)

This free 8-week program was established to mentor and train economically disadvantaged youth in culinary arts and the hospitality industry, while also offering paid work experience opportunities and employment. We are targeting economically disadvantaged young people in the West Chester borough with a specific focus on the census tract immediately surrounding the Center.



Heyday Athletics

The Club has become the place to meet, compete, network, and socialize and compete with active young professionals all over Dub C! 


Teams and/or individuals interested in participating in the West Chester Volleyball Program should contact: Joel Urbine, WC Volleyball Director, jurbine(at)


Running from June 6th through August 15th on Sundays, this program provides age-appropriate competitive games for youth, ages 8-16. The games are held at the Melton Center Outdoor Courts.