Outdoor Beautification Project

The Melton Center and Filet of Soul Culinary Institute would like to thank the following donors and volunteers for the #OutdoorBeautificationProject. The project is near completion! If you would like to help us complete this project, please contact the Melton Center Executive Director. #tranformation #community

This has been a true community project. Thank you to our DONORS and VOLUNTEERS:

Beverly Warren
Jamy Mickens
Tom Goggins
Meghan Fogarty and Family
Kaela Duke and Family
Jim Ciarmella
Creative Planning Inc
Damian Ciarmella
Levelheaded Construction
Bright View Land Scape Services
Dan Liaberto
Mainline Gardens
Samantha Bowman and Family
Chuck Poe
Kaela Duke
First Presbyterian Church
Rose Grasso
Patty Friel
Bruce Hellerick
Noelle Owens
Kevin Cooley and old High St. Cafe
West Chester Alliance