• Each community service request will be filled based on the Center’s needs and capabilities for supervision at the time.
  • Once approved, community service volunteers must first do one of the following:
    • Sign up on the Community Services Weekly Calendar for available dates and times or.
    • Arrange in writing your hours with a Center Staff member.
  • Center Staff will direct community service work on a specific project or activity, or provide a checklist of tasks to be completed over the term of service.
  • The tasks on the checklist must be completed and the list must be initialed and turned into the Center’s main office in order to qualify for the fulfillment of the community service hours. All work is subject to inspection and approved by Center staff.


  • Community service volunteers are required to arrive at the Melton Center on the arranged day and on time. Two absences or continuous lateness will result in termination from community service at the Center.
    • If late arrival is unavoidable, notify Center Staff by calling the main office at 610-692-9290.
  • Community service volunteers are required to complete the total number of hours of service in the agreed-upon length of time.
  • Community service volunteers are required are required to remain on the Melton Center property at all times during their hours of service. When leaving for the day, each volunteer must sign out and notify the Center staff.
  • Failure to comply with all of the above will result in immediate dismissal from community service at the Melton Center.

The Melton Center appreciates your time and contribution. Please call the Center’s main office with any questions or concerns at 610-692-9290.

Please fill out the form below and someone from the Center will get back to you.

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