Health Screenings – October 21st

Chester County Hospital/Penn Medicine will be resuming their monthly CHEC Point Health Evaluation Center here at Melton on October 21, 2021 from 4:00-6:00 pm. CHEC Point was established (here at Melton) in partnership with FOSCI as a part of Melton Center’s Expanded Services program. 

We are excited to resume the program which is a partnership between Chester County Hospital/Penn Medicine, Filet of Soul, and The Melton Center and is supported in part by United Way of Chester County. The 6-month program offers free health screenings (blood pressure and weight) and will offer also a blood screening on November 18, 2021.



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Nourishing Minds and Bodies

We are delighted to ring in a new school year with lots of exciting in-person activities. 

Welcome Back, M.O.B.B.Y.!

Last week, we kicked off our M.O.B.B.Y program with photography and entrepreneurial lessons from local photographers, Wayne Dixon Photography
and Peter Guman Photography! They covered everything from the importance of finding the right angle to tell a story, and the importance of photography throughout history. 

M.O.B.B.Y is a new program was focused on young black and brown male students. Bi-weekly meetings provide educational, recreational, cultural and civic experiences for these youth. Monthly trips are planned to: expose young men to the arts; introduce them to work experiences in fields such as the culinary arts, law, and engineering; introduce them to local law enforcement; establish financial literacy; visit local historically black colleges: meet with local lawmakers; and educate, discuss, and exchange ideas in public events.

If you’re interested in speaking with our students, please contact us! 

West Chester's Newest Little Free Library

Did you know that two out of three children living in poverty have no books to call their own? Studies have shown, the more access to books (especially at home), the greater chance of a child learning to read and loving books. 📚

We are so excited to have a new Little Free Library right on Miner St. We’d like to thank the West Chester Green Team for funding our library, and The Greater West Chester Sunrise Rotary Club for putting it together! Stop by Miner St. to fall in love with your next read.

New Program: Young Ladies Thriving

Calling all 9th and 10th graders young ladies, come join our newest program! 

School's Back in Session

After sixteen months of virtual programming, we are so excited to welcome back our New Direction students in person!  This year, the West Chester Food Cupboard will be donating nutritious snacks weekly for our students. We’d like to thank them for supporting our students.

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2021 Basketball Award Winners

Each year, we present two significant awards to basketball players that went above and beyond, both on and off the court.

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Build a Foundation for Our Future

Help Us Build an Educational Academy

Started in 2010, New Directions is an afterschool academic and social-emotional skill-building K-8 students from low-income backgrounds in West Chester, PA.

Prior to summer 2021, the New Directions program didn’t have a designated space. They used the theater and gym as makeshift classrooms for programming, reading time, mentoring, and social activities. 

  • Neither room provided the privacy needed for conversations between 30 students and 30 coaches. Would you want to confide that you’re having trouble in school with your best friends right next to you?
  • The program’s supplies had to be constantly shifted when the room was rented out or used by other groups. 

We Need You​

This summer, we began using the downstairs space for our Summer STEAM camp, reading coaching, mentoring, and more. The private offices make for natural private tutoring spaces. Our volunteers have cultivated a beautiful, diverse library. There is an arts and crafts corner, a college connection area, as well as a classroom. 

We see this space as the foundation of our future. Having an enriching, educational space will allow us to grow our current programming and add more down the line. 

In order to keep this space, we need to raise $50,000 by October 1st. 

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$50,000Raised $39,000 towards the $50,000 target.$39,000Raised $39,000 towards the $50,000 target.78%

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The Melton Center’s 2021 unGala

Join us for a virtual celebration with entertainment, speakers, community awards, and more!

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Thanks for a Fantastic Season!

We would like to thank all of our coaches, players, volunteers, and staff for a fantastic season! Congrats to this year’s winners. We look forward to our 2022 season!

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Flu Shot Clinic – September 3rd

Rite Aid will be hosting a Flu Shot Clinic at the Melton Center on Friday, September 3rd from 11 am – 1 pm. They will bring flu vaccines including High-dose for 65 and older, Pfizer covid vaccines, tetanus booster, both pneumonia vaccines (Prevnar and Pneumovax).  If anyone is interested in Shingrix, if Rite Aird can get the insurance information prior to the clinic date to determine any copay.

They can administer flu vaccines to 3 and up and Pfizer Covid vaccines to 12 and up. Flu vaccines and ancillary vaccines are FREE with most insurances. If you do not have insurance, Covid vaccines may be administered at no charge if someone is uninsured.  Flu vaccines are $43.99.  High-dose flu vaccines are $84.99. 

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Summer Steam: Summer Fun

Summer STEAM

The Charles Melton Arts & Education Center Summer STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, & math) program is designed to immerse youth in STEAM education. The program uses STEAM education to develop and cultivate interest in the STEAM fields through hands-on learning, STEAM education, and field trips to prepare students for future STEAM education.

The kids are being exposed to new careers with hands-on learning in website development, drone technology, building design, biomedical engineering, and solar energy, with so much more. The most important lesson they’re learning, though? In the words of one of our 1st graders: “To work together and have fun!”
Thank you First Presbyterian Church of West Chester, PA and Rudy Treichel for an amazing series of engineering lessons and challenges this week!
The kids couldn't believe the egg was cooked by the sun!
Winners of the spaghetti and marshmallow tower design challenge!
"Lake Melton" challenge
Drone technology with Mr. Chris, Miss Morgan, and The Uncommon Individual Foundation - UIF.

We would like to extend our gratitude towards this amazing team of volunteers that led our New Directions Summer STEAM Camp. Thank you First Presbyterian Church of West Chester, PAThe Greater West Chester Sunrise Rotary ClubWest Chester Area School District, Great Valley School District, and our community!

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CommUnity Day

Join us for our favorite event of the year!

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Thank You West Chester Moms

A few months ago, we put out a call for donors to sponsor our new swing set. The playground materials were delayed due to COVID, and we hope to have our new playground and swings up and running soon. Luckily, we’ve had so many wonderful community members willing to support some summer fun. We would […]

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