From yesterday to today to tomorrow

Original Building from 1938

The Charles A Melton Arts & Education Center is dedicated to providing the greater West Chester area with a wide variety of low-cost or free programs ranging from the educational (New Directions) to the everpopular summer basketball league and summer STEAM camp. 

The Center is widely used by the community as a rental space for family gatherings, sporting and community events; after-school program for elementary and middle-school aged youth; currently the home for two church programs from two different denominations; summer basketball league for youth in Chester County; distributes scholarships to West Chester Area School District graduating seniors; home of the WCASD’s only Alternative Education Program; and voting poll center. 


The Melton Center is also dedicated to hosting community events, recovery meetings, a culinary school for underserved youth and many events and activities that focus on the target population of the least, the last, the left out and the left behind. 

Our guiding principle was, is, and always will be the same – promote understanding and cooperation between all people.  The Melton Center is the center for personal, professional, cultural, and spiritual growth for the entire community. Ownership and pride have been the fuel that has kept the fire burning at “The Center” for decades. Our work now has the goal of instilling those values into a new generation. 

Mission Statement 

The Mission of the historic Charles A Melton Arts and Education Center is to contribute to the quality of life for all people of the greater West Chester community by continuing its long commitment to providing educational, recreational, cultural and civic services.

  • Executive Director – Kenneth Winston
  • Office Manager – Jackie Shontz
  • Office Support- Renee Washington
  • Director of New Directions – Jamie Atkins
  • Communications Manager – Leslie Hudson
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